lundi 25 avril 2011

the master in action

Get a bird's eye view of Master Renzo Gracie teaching GSP and Frankie Edgar at his academy in Manhattan. (John Cholish is also seen working with Edgar). Steve, Jenn, Big Kevin & I learned this specific guillotine choke from Rolles Gracie last December at Gracie Barra Montreal. Just awesome!!

dimanche 24 avril 2011

Rolles Gracie

Rolles Gracie made his return to the cage this weekend with a submission win over Braden Bice at UCC fights 4 in New Jersey.

Tilt your screen (or your head) and enjoy the quick work he made of his opponent.

jeudi 21 avril 2011

Hayabusa MMA

Hi everyone,

If you're a faithful reader of the blog, let me apologize for my inactivity. My work life since January 1st of this year has seen me on the road quite a bit and free time has been at a premium. (family first!)

At any rate, early this morning, I was checking my facebook and I noticed a familiar name at the top right hand side of my screen. We apparently had a friend in common and facebook decided we should be reconnecting.

The real beauty of facebook is when you're able to reconnect with a genuinely old friend you haven't talked to in years. My friend, is Craig Clement. Craig and I grew up together on Dearbourne Drive in Sudbury, were in the same class from kindergarden to 8th grade and played hockey together growing up. When high school rolled around, we went off into different directions (Craig to St-Charles...myself to Notre-Dame).

Around 8th grade, prior to high school Craig and his family moved away from Dearbourne, so I really only saw him when we faced off against each other on the ice.

Fast forward 20 years...(damn, that makes me feel old) and here we are touching base on Facebook. I sent Craig a quick note and before he had a chance to reply, I looked up his info and his employer said "Hayabusa MMA". I decided to google his name and low and behold, Craig is the president & owner of one of MMA's biggest brand names.

All I can think is I'm impressed as hell and proud of how successful my old friend has become. My gear bag (Hayabusa) is filled with rash guards and shorts from his company. Today, I stopped into the Fight Company and picked up the new Gi they've come out with.

This is all very cool...but at the end of the day, touching base with my old buddy seems even cooler. Congrats on your success Craig! I look forward to hanging out someday and trading old stories from the good old days.

Check out the new video with Robert Drysdale promoting Hayabusa's new BJJ Gi.

vendredi 8 avril 2011

The greatest interview...more gold from Nick Diaz.

Nick is awesome...puts Ariel Helwani in his place and then gives some good views on the pitfalls of the unified rules of MMA vs the old Pride rules.