mercredi 31 mars 2010

little ninja`s update and rib injuries

My boys started in the Little Ninja`s program a little over a month ago. (scroll through the blog and you`ll see pictures from their first classes)

Tonight, both Noel and Ben earned the first yellow stripe to their belts. At their age and this stage in the game, I`m sure that although they think it`s cool, they don`t have a grasp of the big picture. Will they still be excited about going to classes a year from now? I sure hope so! I can`t think of anything that could have a better impact on their lives than growing up with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

In the month since they`ve started, they`ve learned the concepts of escaping mount, the upa, side control, gaining mount from side, spider guard, breaking grips, having a solid base and defending the face and best of all, learning the meaning of respect and the benefits of the instructors "mat chats" at the beginning of every class.

In other news...I think I might have sprained my ribcage. I know that sounds bizarre, but after explaining how I`m feeling and how I hurt myself, one of the club chiropractors explained what he thought it could be. It happened on Saturday. We were doing 6 ten minute rounds of randori. (sparring) My training partner was attempting to move to mount and I shrimped out to defend and took an accidental knee to the back of my ribcage. It snuffed the wind right out of me causing me to bark like a dog. I figured it would likely just be a nasty bruise and kept training after a short break.

I took two days off and returned to the mat last night. Just doing front rolls and shrimping on the mat during warmups felt like both sides of my ribcage (on my back) were bruised up. What`s worse is when I sneeze, it feels like my core is about to explode. Time to book an appointment for an adjustment. I`m not going to stop training, but I`ll just have to take it easy until this heals up and feels normal again. everyone watching the Ultimate Fighter on Spike? I love the never gets old. I got into MMA after the video for UFC 2 came out, but it wasn`t until the original season of the Ultimate Fighter that I became hooked on the sport. This should be a good season. Wednesday nights at 10. Don`t miss it!

mardi 30 mars 2010

Clash of the Titans ~ July 3rd, 2010

Here's a pretty cool teaser for UFC 116's main event due to take place on July 3rd in Vegas.

I'm typically a fan of technical brilliance, explosiveness and speed when it comes to MMA. I'm excited to attend UFC 113 in May where we'll be getting the most anticipated rematch in a while between Shogun and Machida for the light heavyweight title. With that said, Carwin vs Lesnar will likely be the biggest fight of 2010. I can't wait...

Check this out!

lundi 29 mars 2010

Ryan Couture should be nicknamed Screech. Why? Because he was saved by the bell.

This is an amateur fight between Ryan Couture (Randy's son) and Sean Bollinger (Eddie Bravo blackbelt) from the Tuff-N-Uff series in Vegas.

Watch Ryan Couture get saved by the bell.

dimanche 28 mars 2010

UFC 112 ~ Invincible

Here`s a preview video for UFC 112. (it gets really good at the 7 minute mark)

Saturday at the club & UFC 111

Yesterday started as Saturdays have over the last few months. We headed down to the club for the Little Ninja`s class with the boys. Ben started the class with an accidental collision with another boy and busted his lip. Noel had a blast and eventually Ben came around as well.

BJJ classes have been beating me up over the last week. We finished the class with one solid hour of randori. (randori is sparring in bjj) The ground rules were simple. Pick a partner and start working. 6 ten minute rounds with no breaks unless you were sick or injured.

This might sound a bit crazy, but there was a method to the madness. Steve has been stressing lately that many of us (myself included) tend to train too hard and we`re not thinking about conservation of energy. Jiu Jitsu is the ultimate chess match which requires strategy, strength and cardio. Putting them all together is the key to winning a match in sport bjj or even mma.

I`m pleased to say my cardio has improved incredibly since I started training in mid August. My first ten minute round was with Darren "Crazyhorse" Pozzo. For those of you who know know this guy doesn`t have any quit in him. 200lbs of energy going full speed from bell to bell.

I had gotten a few invites from friends to watch UFC 111 last night. The club was heading over to Shaughnessy`s, but my plan was to head over to big Kevin`s place as he wasn`t able to head out seeing as his wife was out of town. After having dinner wtih some of Roxanne`s friends from work, I decided to pull the pin on that idea and stay in to watch the event quietly with Roxanne. Well...easier said that done. My lovely digital cable provider, Eastlink couldn`t provide the feed after I`d ordered it. $55 for a black screen. Nice! After spending 20+ minutes on hold with customer service, Roxanne suggested I just head over to Shaughnessy`s and catch the fights there with our friends from the club. So that`s what I ended up doing and only seemed to miss the Mark Bocek vs Jim Miller fight.

What can be said about the main and co-main event? I had a bit of doubt on Shane Carwin seeing as the only real name he`d fought was Grabriel Gonzaga and until he landed the big punch, Gonzaga was in control. (not that he was in control for long, but he did have him hurt). Frank Mir once again got his bacon handed to him in a style reminicent of his UFC 100 bout with Brock Lesnar. I was impressed with the speed of Carwin`s hands (which are probably bigger than the avergage person`s head).
I can`t wait to see the clash of the titans between Carwin and Lesnar in July...that`ll be epic.

If you`re reading this, then you probably also watched the fights last night. GSP put on yet another dominating performance and showed why he`s considered the best of the best. What I found impressive was that he wasn`t content with the lopsided decision. Immediately after the fight, Georges went into his locker room and went over his attempted submissions with John Danaher (Renzo Gracie black belt) and Greg Jackson for answers on why he wasn`t able to submit Hardy. Jackson told GSP that he did everything right, but Dan Hardy would have broken his arm before tapping out. Danaher was able to show Georges a few minor adjustments which I`m sure he`ll use to build on the next performance. The guy is a perfectionist and that`s why I can`t see anyone taking his title anytime soon.

Another great weekend with family, friends, jiu jitsu and the UFC. How can one go wrong?

See you on the mat!

vendredi 26 mars 2010

Serra - Hardy - GSP - Renzo Gracie

The UFC Primetime series leading up to UFC 111 has focused on hyping the main event between GSP & Dan Hardy. A footnote to the story is that Hardy went to train with Matt Serra, the last man to defeat GSP.

What alot of people don`t know is that Matt Serra is a student of Renzo Gracie. He was the first American to be awarded a black belt from the legendary fighter. If you watched the series, or follow GSP`s career at all, you`ll also know that he has trained with Renzo and has had John Danaher in his corner in recent fights. So many of us wondered if Matt Serra had broken the code when it came to training a fighter to defeat a fighter who`s training with an extention of his team. (that was a mouthful wasn`t it?)

GSP was asked about this at the pre fight presser at Radio City Music Hall earlier this week. His answer was that it didn`t matter to him at all and he was ok with it. Today, it`s been reported on that Serra consulted Renzo before accepting to train Hardy. So for anyone who may be interested, you can read the story here.

New logo for Sudbury BJJ

The new logo for Sudbury Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been unveiled. I love it! Nice job Steve & Jenn!

Contact Jenn or Andre at the club to get your own custom merch by American Apparel.
You'll be the coolest kid in school!

jeudi 25 mars 2010

words to live by...

The biggest and most positive change I`ve made in my life (parenthood aside) has been taking up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I kick myself for not having done it sooner. What was I waiting for? I can`t really answer that because I`m not even sure I know the answer.

Today I heard something that made me think and I figured a facebook status update disappears about as quick as it goes up, so I figured I`d write it here.

"What would I do if I wasn`t scared?"

When you find yourself in a situation you`re prepared to back away from out of fear of failure, rejection...whatever. Ask yourself; "what would I do if I wasn`t scared?" Then just do that. (or at least be open to trying it)

What`s my point? Don`t hold`s too short. Go after what you want.

Me...I want to earn my blue belt in bjj.

Bring Mixed Martial Arts To The Province of Ontario

Below is a well written petition calling for the legalization of mixed martial arts in Ontario created by Showdown Joe Ferraro. (MMA Connected, Rogers Sportsnet) It`s just a matter of time!

Bring Mixed Martial Arts To The Province of Ontario

mardi 23 mars 2010

UFC 111 - GSP vs Hardy

Saturday night is UFC 111. GSP`s first fight since last July when he defeated Thiago Alves at UFC 100. (I was there!) For anyone interested, some club folks are headed to Shaughnessy`s in downtown Sudbury. (no cover at the door & 25 cent wings)

I`m not sure if I`ll be going myself, but we`ll see. I`ll be playing it by ear.

Either way, I`m excited for this card. The first fight sees Toronto based fighter Mark Bocek vs Jim Miller (Renzo Gracie black belt from New Jersey) It`s safe to say Bocek will be walking into hostile territory when he makes his way to the octagon at the Prudential Center in Newark. Both these guys have solid ground games, so I`m predicting a submission victory, though I`m not sure who will be the first to pull it off. It should be a close fight.

The second fight is a rematch from a few years back between Thiago Alves and Jon Fitch. Alves is looking to avenge the loss from that meeting. A win for either fighter puts them back in the mix for a shot at the champion.

Ben Saunders vs Jake Ellenberger should be ok. Saunders has awesome Muay Thai and reminds me of what Brandon Vera was supposed to become at heavyweight when he was hyped as the next big thing. I would have preferred to see Ricardo Almeida vs Matt Brown on the main card, but my understanding is that fight will be featured on the free lead in show on Spike. All is not lost.

That brings us to the co-main event. Frank Mir vs Shane Carwin. This one is for the interim Heavyweight title which can be confusing to some. When it was first announced, Brock Lesnar`s health was unclear and with no apparent title defense in sight, the UFC opted to make this fight for an interim belt and if Brock was done, the interim tag would have been dropped. With Brock back and gearing up to fight at UFC 116 on July 3rd, this fight is basically a number one contender fight to determine Lesnar`s opponent. I`m glad they`re doing it this way, it makes it a 5 round fight. With that said, Carwin has never gone past the 2 minute mark of round 1 in any of his 11 fights. (all wins)

Frank Mir is very well spoken, but sometimes his gift for words has betrayed him and his remarks have made him look bad. (google his comments on Lesnar to see what I`m getting at). He`s a good fighter, but his arrogance makes it easy to pull for Carwin to win. Although I`d love to see Lesnar beat up Mir again (did I mention I was in attendance for UFC 100?) seeing Lesnar vs Carwin would be an epic battle of the new breed of heavyweights. A true clash of the Titans.

On to the main event. Not much needs to be said, I don`t think Dan Hardy is anywhere near GSP`s level as a fighter. (those are few and far between) Hardy has a punchers chance, but that`s it. I`m predicting domination by Canada`s golden boy. WAR GSP!!

In other news, I picked up the new UFC magazine tonight. There`s another great interview with Renzo Gracie. He talks about the evolution of MMA from its roots in Brazil to Japan to today`s mainstream acceptance in North America. He jokes that it`s great to see Quinton Jackson making a move to Hollywood. He`s surprised that MMA fighter`s have been able to cross over before pornstars. He was sure that Jenna Jameson would be doing regular films before Rampage Jackson. haha!

Had another good night at the club. We worked on the De La Riva guard & sweeps. Here`s a quick clip of the man himself showing one of many sweeps available from this position.

Stay healthy my friends!

Congrats to OAMA fighter Mark "Boots" Holst!

Mark "Boots" Holst, head Muay Thai instructor at the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts and Renzo Gracie Blue belt captured the Xtreme Kombat League Lightweight Championship vs UFC veteran Corey Hill over the weekend in Detroit, Michigan.

Mark is now 8-1 with all 8 wins by way of knockout or submission. Keep your eyes out for Boots...he'll be getting a call from Joe Silva and the UFC anytime now.

For a recap of the the video provided by the Fight Network. Congrats Mark!!

lundi 22 mars 2010

Ontario Open

So I`m leaning towards registering myself for the Ontario Open Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships. I`ll see how I feel in training over the next week or so before making the decision to jump in or not. Am I ready for it? I don`t know...we`ll see.

Stay tuned!

samedi 20 mars 2010

New Renzo Gracie Interview

I can`t wait to see how Renzo looks in Abu Dhabi. This man is an ambassador to the sport of MMA and a prominent member of the legendary Gracie family.

Muay Thai Demos tonight!!

Jessie Cronier wants YOU to come out to the Muay Thai demos tonight at Sudbury BJJ & Muay Thai Academy. (Tickets are $10 at the door)

Jessie was also featured on the front page of the Sudbury Star`s sports section. You can read the article by clicking on the following link. (you`ll have to copy and paste into your browser as the link tool isn`t working for some reason).

We had a chuckle at the club about how the author made Jessie look like he came from the badass streets of Timmins, but I can vouch for the fact that Jessie has the potential to be a great fighter if he keeps it up. We just need to get him on the mat a little more to work on his jiu jitsu. (that`s right Jessie...I said it).

This afternoon, I walked into the tail end of Jenn`s Kettlebell class. As mentionned yesterday, we`ve got a full night of demos tonight, so most of the guys who usually participate in these classes were resting up for the big night. With that said, I`m guessing this class smelled better than it usually does. (except for don`t want to be near him when he`s doing ab crunches)

Ok, so these pictures don`t actually have Kettlebell technique in them, but as mentionned, I walked in at the end of class, so I took pictures of the cooldown period. In the next picture...Steve chimes in with some verbal motivation.

Once they wrapped things up, it was time for Saturday afternoon`s BJJ class. In the next picture, Steve is demonstrating a technique with Andre. Steve`s a great teacher and takes the time to explain the technique in detail while always providing the benefits in terms of sport jiu jitsu and how the same technique can apply in a self defense scenario in the street. (The Gracie Way!)

Check out the new Team Renzo Gracie logo that was made by my buddy Steve Leclair. (Nice job Steve!!)

I`ll have to remember to bring my camera in during an evening class to show everyone how big the classes are getting. The membership at the club has enjoyed a growth spurt since moving into the new facility nearly 3 months ago. Life is good at Sudbury BJJ!

Lastly, a quick reminder to come out to the club tonight to check out some Muay Thai! Feel free to give me a call, email or msg on facebook. $10 donation at the door(which supports our competition team), it`ll be a great night!!

vendredi 19 mars 2010

Friday Night BJJ!

After a week of sales seminars I figured I`d take advantage of the flexible schedule at the club and head over for a workout. Friday nights aren`t quite as busy and with tomorrow night`s Muay Thai demos, there were only a handful of fighters doing some light sparring and working on technique.

I ended up rolling with Steve for an hour and got some solid feedback and advice on fundamental aspects of my game that I need to work on. The light switch in my brain was flickering and I`m anxious to get back on the mat and work on it. My name is Yves and I`m addicted to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Getting back to the Muay Thai demos...if you`re interested in coming out, give me a call, email me at or shoot me a note on facebook. Tickets are $10 at the door. It`ll be a great night!

mercredi 17 mars 2010

On the road again...

So I'm in my hotel room in the big'old metropolis of Timmins, Ontario. Roxanne took the boys to their Jiu Jitsu class tonight. Their first class without me with them on the mat. I can't wait to get back...I need to train.

Saturday will be a big day. The boys have their class at 11am, I'm training from 12-2, then I'll be returning at night for an in-house Muay Thai demo. For anyone reading this, you should come out! ($10 for tickets, goes to support the competition team at the club).

Mark Holst (from OAMA, our parent club in Ottawa)is also fighting on Saturday night in Detroit, Michigan for the Xtreme Kombat League's Lightweight title vs UFC veteran Corey Hill. You can watch that card online at

Lastly, there's a free UFC fight night card on Sportsnet which will be worth checking out.

In other news, Roger Gracie will be fighting in Strikeforce on Saturday, May 15th vs UFC and Pride veteran heavyweight, Kevin Randleman. I'm excited to see how Roger does against the muscular wreslter. I'm predicting a submission win by Gracie in the first round.

Here's a video of Roger fighting Robert Drysdale at the Mundials in 2007. (if you look close enough, you'll see a suspicious stain on the backside of Drysdale's pants.)


dimanche 14 mars 2010

The Little Ninjas at Sudbury BJJ

I figured it was time to update my boys progress in the Little Ninja`s program at Sudbury BJJ. At their ages (5 & 3), the main focus is to get them intergrated into the club and work on developing their coordination and discipline.

The first drill was setup in 3 stations, the kids would line up and Steve would swing a nerf style swimming noodle. The Ninja`s would jump over, duck or back away from the noodle depending on what "strike" was coming their way.


Once they avoided 3 strikes, they`d run over to the center of the mat where Guy was setup to take 5 punches. (he played it up pretty good by getting knocked over by some of their Chuck Liddell bombs)

The third station had Big Tom holding up pads for some Muay Thai kicks. The kids loved this one...

Finally, the kids were lined up with a partner. They`d lay on the mat with their head and feet at opposite ends. When Steve made the call, they had to get up and roll toward their opponent and try to gain top position.

The next picture shows Ben & Noel squaring off. They did really well for the first 15 or 20 seconds until Ben lost his cool when Noel overpowered and took the top position. (he`s only 3 and a month into BJJ...he`ll get it and when he does, look out!)

Once again, another great Saturday morning at the club. If you`re reading this blog and have kids in the ages of 3-6 or 7-12, it goes without saying that I highly recommend the club for the kids martial arts program. Feel free to email me at, send me a message on facebook or simply call Steve or Jenn at the club and let them know you read the blog and want to have your kids try out a class. You`ll be glad you did!


samedi 13 mars 2010

Muay Thai Demos next Saturday!!

The week away from the club didn`t do me any good. I over ate and got little sleep while in Banff which resulted in feeling less than energetic on the mat this afternoon. I pushed through it and got some encouragement from Steve who noticed some improvement in my game. I`m not finishing anyone, but I`m making the more experienced guys work hard which is all I can really ask for at this point. Bit by bit...I`ll get there.

My boys also had a blast today in the Little Ninja`s program. We`ve yet to get through a full class without a few tears, but they`re heavily outweighed by the smiles and belly laughs so all is well. During a drill on reflexes, we swung a soft nerf style bat and the kids had to jump or duck out of the way. Ben, (my 3 year old) must have been daydreaming when we explained it because when it came his turn, he stood there and took a light tap to the head when he should have ducked. He wasn`t hurt at all, but he did feel insulted, so he ran over to the next station and took it out on Jessie who was holding up pads for a punching drill. (it was comical, the parents in attendance had a good chuckle)

So far the boys are really enjoying the classes and they look forward to Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. I`m proud of them and hope they decide to stick to it as they continue to grow. It`s still much too early to tell if they`ll have the desire to compete, but if they keep going down the path they`re headed, they`ll be able to walk with the confidence of knowing a bully would never stand a chance if they made the mistake of targeting one of them.

In other news...

Lots going on at the club these days. We`ve got Muay Thai demonstrations next Saturday night. Feel free to email or call me for tickets. ($10) The fee goes to support our competition team as we travel to events for both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The last one was a huge success and we`re expecting another packed house. It`ll be a great night!

Also, Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa/Sudbury will be headed to Whitby the weekend of April 24th for the 2nd annual Ontario Open BJJ tournament. If I can get my act together, I think I`ll be ready to compete for the first time in a sanctioned BJJ event. I think I`m ready...we`ll see how it goes.

Stay healthy my friends!

jeudi 11 mars 2010

Back from Banff!

Well, I`m back from a week in Banff, Alberta. I was there for a work conference and a bit of chillin`, but now I`m back and ready to get back to training. (The above picture is of yours truly strolling down Banff Avenue on Monday morning.)

While I was away, my teammates at Sudbury BJJ were down at the 2010 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. Big congrats to both Andre Pelletier and Yves Lalonde on their bronze medal performances at this premier grappling-bjj event. I`m looking forward to catching up with the team and hearing the stories from the road. I wish I could have been there. Here`s a picture of the crew gearing up for a night of karaoke.

Back to training! I need to work off some of the crazy grub I consumed up in the Rockie Mountains.

Stay healthy my friends!

jeudi 4 mars 2010

Eddie Bravo "The Rubberman"

I like to preface my opinions on jiu jitsu with the acknowledgement that I`m still very new to the sport which is evident by the white belt I wear when training in the Gi. As much as the sport has evolved over the last 20 years, so has the complexity of styles involved.

Internet message boards are often lit with debates on Gi vs Nogi. (training with or without the kimono) There`s nobody more vocal about this than Eddie Bravo. Personally, I`m a fan of the guy. I find him somewhat entertaining, but more importantly, I like what he has popularized as "the rubber guard". I say that because although I believe he has helped in it`s evolution, I find it hard to believe anything in jiu jitsu is completely new. At some point, it was probably done before as has been pointed out to me on occasion.

At any rate, it should be noted that Eddie got his black belt in BJJ under the Machado Brothers who are members of the Gracie family.

Here is a youtube video of Eddie demonstrating the Rubberguard. I think it`s pretty good.

Interesting stuff right?

Another interesting video I came across today is an interview with Draculino. (Vinicius Bittencourt Almeida Magalhaes) Draculino is a black belt under Carlos Gracie Jr, but began his training under JJ Machado until the Machado brothers left Brazil to setup their academy in California. In this clip, he gives his opinion on Bravo. This video is for you Steve!!

In closing, I`m always interested in learning something new...especially when it comes to the sport I`m growing to love more and more as I continue to learn about it. I share Draculino`s view that there`s nothing better to base an opinion on than hard facts. I`ll continue to search out those facts...but I`ll enjoy the debate along the way.

Stay tuned for more!

mardi 2 mars 2010

Are you a good training partner?

Our club (Sudbury BJJ) has a great team atmosphere. For many of us, the club has become a big part of our social circle. I`m lucky to be a part of it and very thankful to having alot of great training partners.

With that being said, every now and again, I think it`s a good idea to take a step back and ask I a good training partner? Do people avoid eye contact when its time to partner up or do you get snapped up quick to roll? There`s alot that goes into being a good partner, but here are what I believe are the main points to be conscious of.

Check your ego at the door

When you roll, do you pay attention to the flow or are you stiff and trying to muscle your way into a better position? Do you crank your submissions with everything you`ve got until you feel the tap or do you ease up when you know you`ve got your partner in a bad position? Even white belts know when they`ve got an arm trapped and the submission is there. There`s no real need (in training) to try and pop the elbow. Your partners are there to help you learn and improve your game. Use good judgement and you`ll keep moving forward.


I think everyone at the club has heard my position on this at one point or another. Rule number one...wash your gi. I cringe when I hear guys say they only wash their gi once a week because they don`t stink. The thing to remember is that your sweat dries into your gi and becomes mouldy. There`s the argument that washing the gi after every use will shorten it`s life. Today`s Jiu Jitsu gi`s are very well made. Hang to dry and it`ll last you a long time.

I once had a high school gym teacher ask us why we were putting on deodorant before gym class. I was surprised by this and explained to him that deodorant (or preferably anti-persperant)shouldn't be used to mask odor after it`s a problem, but to prevent it before it happens. Ok...I`m getting off track here, but you get the point. It rarely happens, but from time to time, I get the impression that some guys might think, "well, I`m going to sweat anyways, so I`ll just shower after class." Come to class as clean as possible. Grappling has us in pretty tight quarters with one another...sweat up a storm on the mat, but again, be conscious of it.

While we`re on the topic, if you`re a guy with a hairy chest, wear a t-shirt under your gi. Nobody wants to have their face mushed into your chest hair during randori. (it`ll also keep it from ending up on the mat which them somehow always ends up in my mouth...don`t ask, I`m still trying to figure that out myself)

I don`t want to rant too much on the topic, but it`s something that everyone should think about every now and again. The team at Sudbury BJJ is always pretty good about this stuff, so I do consider myself among the lucky when it comes to that, but every once in a while, these things seem to slip through the cracks.

So I`ll ask the question again. Are you a good training partner?

Stay healthy my friends!

lundi 1 mars 2010

The Arnolds ~ 2010

So tonight, Jake from the bachelor chose horse face instead of Tenley...the hot, smart and nice one. But frankly, this information falls into the who gives a damn category, so I'll move right along to news from Sudbury BJJ.

The competition team is working hard and cutting weight and gearing up for the Arnold Sports Festival later this week in Columbus, Ohio.

I really wish I could have attended the event this year, but I've got to be in Banff for a work conference. Great timing boss! What kills me is that my secret girlfriend Arianny Celeste is scheduled to be there as well. As some of my friends know, I ran into Arianny in the casino at the Mandalay Bay during the weekend of UFC 100 in Vegas last summer. Naturally, I was with my wife Roxanne so I tried to keep those worlds from colliding. Dodged a bullet with that one!

So yeah...if anyone from Sudbury BJJ can get a picture of Arianny holding a piece of paper that says hello to me, there will be a prize for you when you return.

Ok...this blog has gotten way off topic. What I really want to do is wish my teammates the best of luck with cutting weight and in competition. I've got no doubt you'll come back with a pile of medals and a few good stories. I'll be posting pictures and results as soon as they come back. GOOD LUCK!!!

For the record...this is my secret girlfriend. Don't tell Roxanne...(she already knows)