vendredi 29 juillet 2011

vendredi 22 juillet 2011

The Freddie Roach of Muay Thai

Although I don't train in Muay Thai, I was excited to see that Steve & Jenn brought in Jean Charles Skarbowsky for the week to teach a weekend seminar and classes for a week at the club.

For those who watch the Ultimate Fighter, you'll remember him as the Muay Thai coach that GSP brought in during season 12 to help train his team. JCS is now a regular Muay Thai trainer for Georges and is through that connection (and his charismatic personality) is becoming known worldwide as the Freddie Roach of Muay Thai. (Ok, I just said that for the first time, maybe it'll catch should...because he is.)

It was said on the Ultimate Fighter that Jean Charles is a character. This is indeed the case. If anything can be said for being a product of your life experience, JCS would be that prime example.

Last night, a handful of us from the club went out to celebrate JC's last night in Sudbury. To say we had some laughs would be an understatement. I really look forward to seeing Jean Charles again. He's part of the club now. Yet another link in the chain that makes Sudbury BJJ & Muay Thai the best club in town.

Here's a video I found online where JCS teaches some techniques. Last night, I watched the last class he taught and this is exactly what he covered at one point.

I can say we made a new friend in JC and we've been SKARBORIZED!

mardi 19 juillet 2011

random thoughts

So I'm away on business again which gives me plenty of time to kill on the internet. These are the times where I dig deep to find things to entertain myself. (keep your mind out the gutter aiiight?)

I just watched a ufc presser for a late september card headlined by a title fight between Jon Jones and Rampage Jackson. Jon Jones is a very young champion and outside of Brock Lesnar, the least experienced fighter to win the top rank in mma. From his dealings with former training partner and original opponent, Rashad Evans, I've been turned off by how arrogant Jones has become in such a short period of time. That's not to be unexpected when success at the very highest level comes at such a young age. GSP learned a big lesson in his loss to Matt Serra, you'd think Jones might take that story as a lesson for himself, but it seems the more time goes by, the more he thinks he's invincible.

At any rate, as everyone knows, he's now facing Rampage Jackson, a man whose passion to fight has come into question since getting into the movies. With that said, Jackson is only 33 years old and might be the guy who hands Jones his first loss. I'm hoping that's the case anyhow.

Back to the presser. One of the things Jones has become known for is his staredown. He refuses to make eye contact and gazes into the crowd or past his opponent. Perhaps he thinks this gives him a mental edge or makes him look intimidating, I'm not sure. It's almost as though he's in a weird staring contest with an abyss. Anyhow, Jackson being a showman completely stole that moment from the young champion. At the end of the presser, Dana White lined them up for the staredown and photos, Jackson leaned in and spun in the same direction Jones was gazing to. With a big smile, he pointed at where Jones was staring and got some big laughs. Rampage wins the staredown 10-8.

The lead up to this fight should be good. Rampage was in fine form today and I feel like he'll be getting his title back in Denver on the last Saturday of September.

Stay tuned!

samedi 16 juillet 2011

Renzo Gracie Promotions (NYC)

some entertainment from the promotions at Renzo's in NYC.

jeudi 14 juillet 2011

random thoughts

hello folks!

it`s been a while since i`ve updated this blog properly. to my loyal readers, i apologize for that. i`ve just spent less time online in recent weeks. (less time than usual, which is still more than most i`m sure)

so what`s new?

last saturday, i packed a bag and fueled up the audi and hit highway 17 east on route to the capital. i met up with jenn who had left a bit earlier in the day. we hooked up with bullets(friend of steve & jenn`s from oama)for a late snack in little italy and then called it a night. we weren`t in town to party, we were there to train and learn from the best jiu jitsu practitioner/competitor in the world...roger gracie!!

the seminar was off the hook. roger`s game is legendary for being very basic but what he does, he does better than anyone on the planet. if roger gets mount...he wins. i won`t go into a detailed rant on what he taught. what i will tell you is that my game improved from that afternoon on the mats at oama. without a doubt, when you train with the best in the world, you can only get better.

not only is roger an amazing talent, but he`s truly a very cool guy. i got to talk to him a bit during the class as well as afterwards. i`m pumped for his fight in september vs king mo lawal, former strikeforce light heavyweight champion and div 1 wrestler. he`ll be back in ottawa in the fall from what i understand. if you miss him the next time around, you`ll kick yourself. the trip is worth every penny.

myself with roger

in other news, i`m nearing my second birthday. (my bjj birthday is august 9th, 2009) that doesn`t seem like a big deal, but it is to me. to celebrate, i ordered some zebra mats so i can train at home with my boys. i`ll post some pictures when they arrive. i can`t wait! :)

see you at the club!

mercredi 6 juillet 2011



UFC Rio - Versão do Diretor from Leandro Rial on Vimeo.

dimanche 3 juillet 2011


So I was folding Noël and Ben`s gis tonight and I had a revelation. There comes in a point in every boys` life where he doesnt want to be hugged and cuddled by his Dad. (at the least, not in public)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will allow me to hug my sons while allowing them to be "cool". haha!

on a seperate note...

I`ve been on the mat a ton lately. I managed to train 4 times this past week which was a real treat for me. I`m hoping that now that July has arrived, I`ll have a bit more time to put in the work.

Next Sunday, I`ll be at the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts for a seminar with Roger Gracie. Stay tuned for a full rundown when I get back.

Life is good...enjoy it.