vendredi 20 août 2010

Wreck MMA - OAMA fighters go 4 for 4!

First, let me apologize for the lack of updates. Since returning for Los Angeles, I had some dental work done and have had temporary veneers in my mouth which has kept me off the mat. It`s not that I couldnt train, but even a small impact could have popped them out. Thankfully, I`m getting my new "grill" on Monday morning. HUGE thanks to my good friend Dr Jeff Budd for being the best dentist in Sudbury. He trains Muay Thai at our club, so if you need a new dentist, introduce yourself to him and ask someone at the front desk for his contact information to setup an appointment. You`ll be glad you did.

Speaking of which, tonight, I dropped in at the Fight Company (on Notre Dame in Sudbury) and picked up an Opro mouthguard and new Hayabusu gym bag. The owner of the Fight Company is a friend of mine, Chris Casola. He supports local clubs and has a ton of gear and mma apparel. You can also check them out online at

On to tonight`s Wreck MMA. I had planned on attending when Jenn was lined up to fight Shannon Ludlow from Adrenaline MMA in London, Ontario. In recent weeks, the fight was pulled from the card for unknown reasons. We`re assuming her opponent was injured, but Jenn`s training camp was solid none the less. Getting ready for the next one!

Seeing as Jenn`s fight got dropped and with the amount of travel and crazyness we`ve had this summer, I decided to stay home this time around. I have been reading updates from Jessie`s facebook page which kept us in the loop on the fighters from our parent club, Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts. All four fighters (Hammer, Kru Jeff, Morvan & Bernadel) finnished their fights in highlight reel fashion. Congratulations guys!!

Also on the card was Anna Barone, Jenn`s opponent from her first fight. As we all know, Jenn lost the fight via 2nd round KO, but not without having put on the fight of the night and showing the heart of a champion. I was personally a bit irritated by an interview where Barone mentionned having had 3 fighter changes prior to that bout, but being "resilent", she overcame the odds. She didn`t mention that Jenn had taken the fight on 48 hours notice and did not have a training camp to prepare herself. Well, apparently Barone lost her fight tonight via decision which in turn should setup the rematch for Jenn to avenge that loss. After having seen Jenn prepare herself for the Ludlow fight and seeing her camp involve private training with the likes of Gregor Gracie in NYC and Shawn Williams in Los Angeles, I can guarantee that the next fight will not have the same result. Jenn and Steve are both traditional martial artists and I can`t see them ever getting into any trash talking so by all means, please recognize that the above statements are mine and mine alone. I can`t wait for the rematch!

Aside from that, I`m looking forward to getting back on the mat. It`s been two weeks and feels like forever. As much as I love the summer, it`ll be real nice to get back into a routine this fall. This will be a big year for me at Sudbury BJJ. I`ve got year one in the books and I look at the last 12 months as "opening the book". I`ve now read the forward and plan to start reading and more importantly absorbing the first chapter.

Stay healthy!

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