lundi 13 septembre 2010

Steve training in NYC at Renzo's Academy

Every once in a while, your friends get to do something awesome.

Steve was invited by Pat(Cooligan)to join him and Mark Holst as they took Mark's training camp to NYC to train for his upcoming fight at UFC 122 in London, England vs Paul Sass.

This afternoon, Steve sent me a quick text message stating that he was training in the company of MMA royalty. "So, I'm in nyc at renzo's and mark is here training with igor, gregor and GSP!!"

I figured this was something worth writing about. Talk about living the dream!! It's been said before, but I'll say it again. Steve is a pioneer when it comes to bringing Gracie Jiu Jitsu to Northern Ontario. He started the club back in 2006 and it's grown to over 200 members in the best facility north of Toronto.

It's awesome to see Pat bring Steve along to train with the worlds best. Private sessions with the Gracies & John Danaher (GSP's BJJ coach for MMA) will no doubt help elevate Steve's game which in turn benefits us all.

I figure most of anyone reading this blog is either a member at the club or a friend of ours. With that said, stuff like this needs to be appreciated. The lineage of Sudbury BJJ is within a stone's throw of the holy grail. That's not something you can find on youtube or an instructional dvd.

Steve! Can't wait to hear the stories and learn what you're taking in! I'm happy for you brother!!

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