vendredi 22 juillet 2011

The Freddie Roach of Muay Thai

Although I don't train in Muay Thai, I was excited to see that Steve & Jenn brought in Jean Charles Skarbowsky for the week to teach a weekend seminar and classes for a week at the club.

For those who watch the Ultimate Fighter, you'll remember him as the Muay Thai coach that GSP brought in during season 12 to help train his team. JCS is now a regular Muay Thai trainer for Georges and is through that connection (and his charismatic personality) is becoming known worldwide as the Freddie Roach of Muay Thai. (Ok, I just said that for the first time, maybe it'll catch should...because he is.)

It was said on the Ultimate Fighter that Jean Charles is a character. This is indeed the case. If anything can be said for being a product of your life experience, JCS would be that prime example.

Last night, a handful of us from the club went out to celebrate JC's last night in Sudbury. To say we had some laughs would be an understatement. I really look forward to seeing Jean Charles again. He's part of the club now. Yet another link in the chain that makes Sudbury BJJ & Muay Thai the best club in town.

Here's a video I found online where JCS teaches some techniques. Last night, I watched the last class he taught and this is exactly what he covered at one point.

I can say we made a new friend in JC and we've been SKARBORIZED!

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