vendredi 28 décembre 2012

the difference a year makes...

Wow...I've not posted an entry in a year. And what a difference a year makes! I've got some clean up to do on this page. For starters, my bio is now completely out of date. I'm no longer a married father of two. I'm a separated father of two working towards finalizing a divorce. Not something I ever saw in the plans for myself, but to echo my earlier thought, what a difference a year makes. I'm sure there will be people who read this blog and will say "he switched teams, he's disloyal etc..." Those people would be dead wrong. One promise I made to myself a year ago was that I was going to live my life as honestly as possible moving forward. My goal is not to talk any trash or make a joke of my previous experience. I learned my fundamentals at Sudbury BJJ and I'm thankful for that. I fell in love with the sport on those mats and made a few good friends along the way. But life goes on and a new start was required. Before I move on, I want to give a public thanks to John Cole. (owner and head instructor at Sudbury MMA). When John learned about my situation, he opened his doors and welcomed me to join his team. John is a very good instructor and a world class purple belt. (he has the resume and experience to prove it). The truth is (and I gave John the respect of telling him in advance) that a handful of the good friends I made at SBJJ had migrated over to Team Shredder's Troop BJJ learning under world class black belt under Sylvio Behring, Richard "Monkey" Nancoo. The experience I talked about earlier would not have been the same without some of these guys and the option to get back on the mats with my long time training partners was a big reason for my decision. I had also heard via "the grapevine" that I was talked about at the last seminar and the idea of being blackballed didn't appeal to me at all. It was time to cut ties with Team Renzo Gracie. Over the last few months, I've taken care of my work and family life. I also started dating what I believe could be the love of my life. Her support of whatever felt right for me has been hugely appreciated. A year that started off as poorly as it did took a turn for the better over the summer. The pieces are all falling into place to move on in every aspect of my life. My sons are still members at SBJJ. (due to my ex-wife being a member there). I'm not sure how I'll navigate that moving forward...but I really miss being able to watch them and help out on the mats with them like I had originally done. For now, I'm leaving it alone, but I'll tackle that when the time is right. Ok, enough about that...2013 is a few days away. A new year means a new start. I've been able to train a bit over on the mats at Nomdaa and next week, I'll be settling up my membership and renewed commitment to training on a regular basis. With that said, I'm really looking forward to it. Below is a video shot from earlier today during an open mat training session. I'm seen rolling with my old friend (and 4 stripe blue belt) Guy Poulin. In the background, you can see UFC fighter Mitch Gagnon in the black Tapout gi and Professor Nancoo at top left. I got to roll with both of those guys today. (both awesome guys!) Stay tuned for a weekly blog which will follow my training at Troop BJJ and following Mitch's training for his next fight which should be at UFC 158 in Montreal. (on the undercard to GSP vs Diaz) Stay healthy my friends!! Make 2013 the year you make that change for yourself! (in whatever aspect that fits your life!) Stay's gonna be a fun ride!!

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