vendredi 4 janvier 2013

new team.

So I'm officially a member at Team Shredder/Tropp BJJ. I went in for open mat training tonight with a few friends. For a snowy Friday night, it was on the quieter side. That's not a bad thing, lots of mat space to sprawl out on. What I did notice was that the people who were there all took the time to say hello and introduce themselves. When I introduced myself in return, some of them already knew who I was. Papagaio has a reputation! (and I'm also "the other" Yves Charette) Troop BJJ is growing and the quality of training partners is off the hook. I'm getting smashed and I love it. On a seperate about last week's UFC?? Cain Velasquez might officially be the baddest man on the planet after that performance. Joe Lauzon vs Jim Miller was also unreal! (I'm a huge Lauzon fan...he didn't come out on top, but losing in that fashion is nothing to hang his head about). Stay tuned! It's gonna be an intersting year!!

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