dimanche 11 juillet 2010

Jessie Cronier - Sudbury BJJ and Muay Thai Academy`s first WORLD CHAMPION!

Huge congrats to Jessie "The Kid" Cronier who won his division at the Thai Boxing Association`s World Championships in Des Moines Iowa, USA! The uncomfortable 16 hour drive from Sudbury to the mid-western state was well worth it.

Be sure to give the kid a high five when you see him at the club. This comes after years of commitment and hard training. But this is only the beginning for recent high school graduate. The sky`s the limit!

Here are a few pictures from the event.

Also on the card where Corey Black and Mike Houle. I`m told Corey faught an incredible fight and completely dominated his opponent for three solid rounds. Sometimes I wonder if the judges at some of these events won a radio contest for their appointment. Although these judges awarded the fight to the wrong fighter, this experience (and knowing he actually won the fight) should prove good experience for Corey. You`ll get them next time dude! (Corey in white)

Mike lost his fight in the second round after a corner stoppage. In a spin of bad luck, Mike ended up fighting in a division with much larger opponents which proved the old addage when all things are equal, size will make the difference. Check out the size difference on day of the weigh-ins.

Congrats to all 3 fighters! Look forward to seeing your new belt Jessie!

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