samedi 3 juillet 2010

UFC 116...great night of fights!

I ended up watching tonights`card on my own tonight. I`d planned to heading over to Kevin Kroft`s housewarming, but with Roxanne not feeling great, I figured it best to stay home.

The UFC rarely fails to deliver and UFC 11 was no exception. The Leben vs Akiyama fight was awesome. I like both these guys. Leben taking the fight on less than 2 weeks notice after having faught at the Ultimate Fighter Finaled on the 19th of June, he was impressive. If you missed it, search it`s a great fight.

The main event (for those of you who`ve been living under a rock) was between Shane Carwin (unbeaten in his 12 fight career) vs Brock Lesnar for the undisputed heavyweight title. Carwin looked great through round 1. I was surprised that the referee, Jake Rosenthal, didn`t stop the fight with all the unanswered shots. Kudos to him for noticing that Brock was still of sound mind and putting up some defense to weather the storm. Round two was much different. Brock landed the takedown, got the mount and secured a head and arm choke for the win.

Say what you want about Lesnar, but this guy is the read deal. He`s the only one who was able to absorb Carwin`s bombs and make it out of round 1. He owned round 2 and made Carwin quit. I`m already looking forward to Lesnars` next fight vs Cain Velasquez. The UFC`s heavyweight division is finally exciting again. Lesnar is a beast.

In other news, the competition team did very well at last weekends` Renzo Gracie invitational tournement in the big apple. (NYC) Congrats to those who made it onto the podium at this high level tournement.

Kyle Fletcher & Nicole
Jenn Ricker...silver
Thomas Lum, Ryan Sarazin & Curtis Prosser...bronze

Congrats to everyone who competed, you did the club proud and you will only get better. I really wish I could have been there. Not only for the tournement, but for the Gregor Gracie class on Sunday afternoon at Renzo`s academy in Manhattan.

On a related note, today`s class at Sudbury BJJ was great. With Steve away for a martial arts convention in Vegas, Guy Poulin ran the class and we worked on armbars and omoplatas. It felt great to be back on the mat after having been away for over a week. I can`t wait to do it all over again this week.

Stay healthy my friends! See you on the mat!

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