mardi 20 juillet 2010

What`s in your gear bag?

Maybe I`m a weirdo (ok, this has already been established), but I`m pretty anal about keeping my gear clean and fresh. (feel free to scroll down and review my blog on my lovely bout with Ringworm)

Anyways, I`ve gotten my prep down to a science so that I`m always ready to head to the club when I`ve got time to train. Having more than one GI is essential if you`re going to be rolling more than once or twice a week.

Myself, I`ve got 4 gi`s and 4 rashguards in the rotation to be sure I`m always good to go. The minute I get home, my gear is immediately thrown into the washing machine (no exceptions) and then left to dry on this trusty old rack system that Roxanne baught when we had our first apartment in London 10 years ago.

While today`s gear is drying, I prep my bag for the next time. So what`s in my bag? Well, I`m glad you asked. (just play along)

1. a clean towel (for the shower at the club)
2. clean Mizuno knee pads (because I`m getting old and my knees appreciate them
3. a Shock Doctor jockstrap (size XL because...well, nevermind)
4. a big ziplock bag with shower supplies (body wash, qtips, anti-perspirant...everything a man needs)
5. Athletic Body Care antimicrobal foam (to kill anything you might pick up from a training partner who might not wash his GI as religiously as I do)
6. large bandaids
7. a clean GI
8. a clean rashguard
9. a clean pair of boxers
10. gatorage g2 & a protein bar

Ok, I admit this is a rather pointless blog entry. I just see some guys come in prepared while other just seem to pile their gear into a bag and head for the door. At the end of the day, getting into a routine outside of the club is an important part of keeping your gear clean and organized. This will help you be ready for the next day and trust me, your training partners will appreciate the other part.

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