lundi 10 mai 2010

Back from Montreal

A few days off the mat and I`m starting to feel some withdrawal. My body has been recovering slowly from what I can only describe as a sprained ribcage. It`s been lingering for a while, but hopefully it`s on the mend.

Spent the weekend in Montreal and attended UFC 113. I`ve said it before, but the UFC really knows how to put on a live event. The undercard was solid, but not great for the Canadian fighters who went 1 for 7 on the night. You can get a good recap of the nights events by going to this link.

I`m looking forward to getting back to the club this week. This weekend is gearing up to be a good one with two 3 hour seminars with Pat Cooligan, Renzo Gracie blackbelt from our parent club, Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts. I`m not sure what we`ll be working on, but what I do know for certain is that I`ll end the weekend with more knowledge than I had moving into it. Saturday night will also see the club putting on some Muay Thai demonstrations. The two previous events we`ve put on have been well received and seen a packed house. Ask anyone from the club for details. Come out early!

Stay tuned!

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