mardi 4 mai 2010

Montreal this weekend!

Heading to Montreal on Friday for UFC 113. This will be the first live card I attend where GSP isn`t fighting. With that being said, the Bell Centre will definitely be rocking for more than just the main event. I`m looking forward to just about every fight.

Jason MacDonald vs John Salter: I`m pumped that The Athlete is back. He was cut after his loss at UFC 97 the last time the promotion was in Montreal. He always puts on incredible fights so I`m hoping he pulls out the win and makes another run in the middleweight division.

Yushiyuki Yoshida vs Mike Guymon: potentially an interesting fight though both fighters haven`t done anything to stand out behind preliminary card fighters to date.

Tim Hague vs Joey Beltran: Again, glad to see Hague back in the big show. He was cut after his fight with Tuchscherer, but I thought the fight was too close to warrant the exit. I predict he`ll win this fight rather easily. Beltran won his debut vs Rolles Gracie, but didn`t look anywhere near impressive in that fight.

TJ Grant vs Johnny Hendricks: This one has alot of potential. Both fighters have alot of gas in the tank. Did you know TJ is from Sydney Crosby`s hometown? (I didn`t care either...go figure).

Marcus Davis vs Jonathan Goulet: Goulet is a hometown boy, but I can`t see him winning this fight. Both fighters are coming off losses so it`s likely a loser leaves town match. The crowd will be behind Goulet, but I like how Davis fights. I take him to win this one.

Joe Doerkson vs Tom Lawlor: Doerkson, another Canadian fighter on the card is a journeyman fighter. He`s got a ton of experience, but he`s never been able to win the big fights. Lawlor is becoming better known for his ring entrances than his actual fights. I read a post from him on the UG that he`ll be coming out to music which will apparently make Canadians take notice. (he`s going for the wrestling bad guy theme here...should be funny).

Patrick Cote vs Alan Belcher: This will be a war. I`ve ran into Cote twice over the last year and asked him about training and his comeback. (my wife and I were in customs with him in Vegas after UFC 100...I then ran into him at Wreck MMA in december. He didn`t remember me. Go figure! haha This will be a tough fight, Belcher is a beast...I predict a 3 round standup war. Hoping Cote pulls out the win.

Kimbo Slice vs Matt Mitrione: These guys will stand and bang. I kinda like both of them. Although I thought Kimbo was a real joke when he was headlining for Elite XC, he`s a student of the game and looked great vs Houston Alexander. I`m anxious to see how much more he`s evolved. Meathead Mitrione is also fun to watch and he`s just a big dude. He looked great in his debut knocking out Marcus Jones...let`s see what he can do vs Big Ferg. I`m not picking a winner here...I just want to see a good scrap.

Sam Stout vs Jeremy Stephens: Back to the technical fighters with this one. Stout has picture perfect Muay Thai & kickboxing. I love watching this guy fight. Stephens can also fight, he had a good one vs Joe Lauzon. I`m predicting a similar fight to that one. Pulling for Stout for the win.

Josh Koscheck vs Paul Daley: this fight will be for a shot at GSP. Georges has already beat up Kos, but I think the AKA fighter will likely avoid Daley`s heavy hands and pull out a win to earn himself a rematch. Another awesome matchup.

Lyoto Machida vs Shogun (the rematch): I believe Rua won the first fight so he`ll be hungry to take what he believes is rightfully his. Lyoto is a very smart fighter so I`m sure he`ll have a new gameplan to counter what he did wrong in the first fight. Will Shogun finally put a dent in Machida`s win-loss record? Everyone loses at some point. I think Shogun has the antidote for Machida`s Karate. I`m predicting a new light-heavyweight champion on Saturday night. SHOGUN!

Man...when I look at the fights on paper, this card improved over the last few weeks with the additions of MacDonald and Hague. Just about every fight could be fight of the night. The UFC says it alot, but this card is truly stacked.

Keep an eye out for my report on Monday morning. It should be a great weekend!!

See you in Montreal!

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