samedi 29 mai 2010

Saturday - UFC 114!

Yet another great day spent at the club. The little ninja`s class was smaller than usual today, but that is likely due to cottage season getting underway. The kids had fun as Steve & Jessie worked with them to develop their instincts when it comes to the guard. (both offensive and defensive) The kids had fun. My boys are enjoying the program more with every class. It`s really great to see.

That was followed by the adult class where we worked on sweeps from spider guard. I find myself going to spider guard more often than I`d like. I need to work on breaking my opponent`s posture from my back and working on my high guard game. I`ve got the flexibility for it, I just need to work on getting to that position.

If you haven`t signed up for the club newsletter, be sure to give your email address at the front desk. Andre and Steve did a great job with the first one and it keeps everyone informed with what`s new in terms of schedule, merch, competitions etc.

Last but not least, it`s Saturday night! UFC 114, the grudge match between Sugar Rashad Evans vs Rampage Jackson. My heart is pulling for Rashad, but my head tells me Rampage might have this one. I`m not making any predictions, just looking forward to a great fight.

Oh yeah...and Happy Birthday Tom Cooney!

See ya on the mat!

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