jeudi 4 novembre 2010


Last I updated was after day one of the Cooligan seminar here in Sudbury. Day two was even better seeing as the class was much smaller. More room on the mats and a bit more personal attention when working on techniques was a great way to cap off the weekend.

If you`re reading this and you`re a club member, you need to make the effort to come out everytime Pat is in town. A three hour class with Pat will give you some new insight, two 3 hour classes will go even further. He`s only in town a few times a year, so when he is, we all need to make sure we take advantage of the opportunity.

With that, the seminar ended and Steve was packed up and headed back to Ottawa with Pat, his family and Hammer. They flew out to Rio De Janeiro, Brasil early on Monday morning for a week of training at the mecca of BJJ, the world headquarters of Gracie Barra! I haven`t heard much from Steve since he`s been out there, but he did manage to post a message on facebook that he would be training with Kayron Gracie (son of Carlos Gracie Jr) on Tuesday...among many others. I can`t wait to see some pictures, hear stories and learn a few moves he`ll be picking up.

On a different note, here`s a pretty cool video from It`s a great site that I check out just about every day. Enjoy!

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