samedi 30 octobre 2010

Pat Cooligan Seminar (Day 1)

Today was day 1 of the Fall Pat Cooligan BJJ seminar. After the 3 hour class, my gi probably weighed a good 10 or 12lbs from the amount of sweat that poured through my skin.

We worked on the weakest part of my game...the almighty guard pass. There are 3 ways to pass your opponents guard. Over, under or around. At any rate, without going over the techniques verbatim, I now feel as though I`ve got some new options that I hadn`t really explored to date. The recurring theme was "slow down, proper technique, heavy pressure, when the guard opens prepared to act!"

I was also lucky enough to have Hammer take me aside (Hammer being Matt "Hammer" Hache, an international champion brown belt) to help me work on my pass based on a question I`d had for Pat during the Q&A. It was pretty simple, but he was able to point out two mistakes I`ve been making which should help me improve my technique. I`m going to work on this for the next few months and we`ll see how far it takes me.

Day 1 ended with some promotions. I got the 3rd stripe on my white small baby step closer to blue. Congrats to Tom Lum, Mike Houle & Adam Gignac for acheiving their blue belts! I`d also like to congratulate John Cole, head instructor and owner of our sister club Sudbury MMA for earning his purple belt and being a good host for the weekend! Thanks John!

Looking forward to what tomorrow has to bring. I`m pretty burnt out, so I`m hoping to get a good night`s sleep to be ready for another 3 hour class of Jiu Jitsu goodness.

Stay healthy my friends!

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