dimanche 19 décembre 2010

Christmas at Sudbury BJJ & Muay Thai Academy

Well, I haven`t been able to get back onto the mat since returning from Montreal. I took the day off on Monday to recouperate and spend some time with my family and then got beat up by a nasty cold. I`ve been pretty lucky so far this year, so I guess it was just my turn.

At any rate, Friday night, the club celebrated the holidays with a dinner over at Frank`s Deli on Durham followed by a shaker over at the club. There was food, spirits (for those who are of legal age), foozeball & kareoke. Guy Poulin lead the charge behind the microphone with some now classic top 40 material by Lady Gaga and Jay Z. Yes, as is customary, Guy eventually began shedding layers of clothing. Hilarity ensued.

Steve & Jenn were great hosts and thanked the staff and club members for another successful year at our new home on Montrose. (Can you believe one year ago we were moving into the new club?)

There were also two awards given out. The first was the BEAR Award, named after Brian "Bear" Kutschke. This award was created last year after Brian dedicated many hours to building the new club. It`s an award that goes to the member who shows dedication to the club and helps promote a good atmosphere. (well, I struggling to say exactly what it`s for because this year`s winner was none other than yours truly)

I`m humbled by that and appreciate the recognition of being a good club member. My family and I enjoy the time we spend there and it`s really become a second home for us.

The second award, newly created for 2010 was the Renzo Gracie Competition Award. This goes out to the member who showed excellence in competition. The first to be awarded this honour goes to none other than Jessie "The Kid" Cronier. As many of you know, Jessie has brought home some hardware in BJJ tournements and has really stepped it up in Muay Thai having won the World Championships for his division in Iowa and becomming the Ontario Provincial Champion for his weight class this fall. He`s also competed twice in New York City in two prestigious events, Fright Night Fights and the NY MMA Expo. Jessie is fighting again on January 14th, 2011 at another Friday Night Fights card in Manhattan, NY. Let`s all continue to encourage the kid to train hard and keep his focus on a fight career that shows alot of potential. Good luck dude!

Yesterday, the club had an inhouse BJJ tournament for both the kids and adult programs. The entry fee was a new toy drive for underpriveledged kids. The turnout was great and everyone had a great time. Results at an inhouse competition don`t really matter, the big difference between this and randori (sparring) that we do on a daily basis is that now we`re actually counting points and competing under the same rules as the IBJJF. It`s a great tune up for anyone who likes to compete in actual tournaments and get used to the rules.

If you want to see pictures from the Xmas party or in-house event, click on Kevin Crittenden`s profile on facebook. He took some really good photos. (you can also see photos from the Rolles Gracie seminar in Montreal from last weeked)

Have a great week! I`ll see you at the club!

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