mercredi 1 décembre 2010

Closing in on UFC 124 - Montreal!

In a little over a week, Kevin, Steve, Jenn and I will be heading to Montreal for UFC 124. I'll write more about the weekend as it comes up and will blog about it when we're back. As it stands, we've got a private class booked at Gracie Barra Montreal with Professor Bruno Fernandes. Bruno is the man who awarded Georges St-Pierre his black belt in BJJ. What's also really cool is that Rolles Gracie will also be in the house on the 11th for a NoGi seminar. How awesome is this weekend going to be?

Another of GSP's BJJ coaches is none other than Renzo Gracie black belt John Danaher. If you're reading this blog and train with us at the club, or have been watching the most recent season of the Ultimate Fighter, you'll recognize him from there. With that said, Danaher is a bit of an enigma. There isn't much video of him online, but he's known around the BJJ world as one of the very best instructors on the planet. Here's a clip of Danaher with Showdown Joe Ferraro on MMA Connected showing a half guard pass to mount. (I'm looking forward to trying this one out!)

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