jeudi 30 décembre 2010

Goals for 2011

New years resolutions are sometimes difficult to maintain. The truth is, we make these resolutions with the greatest of intents, but rarely do we follow through and make them a part of our everyday lives. How many times have you made the same resolutions year after year?

Back in the summer of 2009, I started a facebook page called "watch me lose it". The plan was to shed the weight I`d put on over the last 10 years. I got off to a decent start and dropped about 12 or 13 lbs after starting to train jiu jitsu and paying a bit more attention to my diet. My weight dropped and maintained itself to around 213 lbs for most of the year.

As detailed in previous blogs, on September 30th, 2010, I had a colonoscopy and started a new treatment cycle for Ulcerative Proctitis and subsequently put the weight back on. So here I am.

I`ve started making changes to my diet and seeing a Naturopath to clean out my system. (started supplements on December 22nd)

I`m realistic in knowing I`ll probably never be successful with quitting anything cold turkey. I`ve got to curb my caffeine intake and eventually ween myself off of it completely. (can I do it? it`ll be tough)

DRINK MORE WATER!! (goes without saying)

Make healthier choices whenever possible...just gotta do it.


I`ve got to get myself back into a routine of training a minimum of twice a week. 3 times a week whenever possible. Leave it all on the mat...sweat it out and improve.

My goal in BJJ is to lose the weight and train to compete at the Ontario Open in April and then the Renzo Gracie Invitational in May. From there, earn the 4th stripe to my white belt and work my ass off to earn my blue belt before the end of 2011. (that`s a lofty goal, but if not in 2011, I want to earn it by spring 2012).

Ok, enough about me, it`s time to focus on BJJ and MMA.

Who`s looking forward to UFC 125? I`m excited to see Frankie Edgar hand Maynard his first loss and retain the lightweight belt. Another fight I`m looking forward to is Nate Diaz vs Don Hyun Kim. The card isn`t my favorite on paper, but those are usually the ones that deliver. Should be a good night of fights.

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