samedi 3 avril 2010

another fine day...

This morning`s Little Ninja`s class at Sudbury BJJ was by far their best class my boys have attended to date. I don`t know if it was the spring sunshine in the air, training with the doors open at the club or just the kids getting into the groove of things. Today`s class was so focused that not only were we able to teach guard passing techniques, but the kids also did some "king of the hill" with the instructors and then even practiced with partners their own size.

It`s not that today was much different from other just seemed as though the kids were able to hold their attention longer than usual. It was AWESOME!! The boys were doing very well. I was really proud of the group today. Very cool!

The adult BJJ class was great as well. We worked on armbars from guard and transition drills. My ribs were feeling better and I managed to roll at full speed all afternoon. I`m feeling pretty good!

Onto other news...

Next Saturday night is UFC 112. We`ve had this one circled on the calendar for a while now. Renzo Gracie makes his UFC debut vs Matt Hughes in Abu Dhabi. I`ll write more about this later on this week. WAR RENZO!!

For those of you who`d like to watch the fights with Team Renzo Gracie Sudbury, we`ll be heading over to Guy Poulin`s house in Garson. It`ll be a potluck and byob. No doubt, it`ll be a great night. See the group invitation on the members facebook page.

Here is a lovely picture of our host for the festivities.

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