dimanche 11 avril 2010

post UFC 112

it`s 3:15am...just got home from Guy`s place. (thanks for hosting Guy, we had a great time!)

All I can say right now is I`m proud of how Renzo looked vs Matt Hughes. We cheered him on and wished he would have checked the leg kicks, but win or lose, he`s a legend and will always have our respect. Before I post the video of Renzo`s post fight interview with Ariel Helwani (best reporter in MMA), I`ve just got to say how grossed out I was by Anderson Silva`s performance tonight vs Maia. The man is incredibly talented, but his display of poor sportsmanship and lack of engagement was inexcusable. After the fight, he said he felt he had nothing to apologize for and that Maia had disresepected him with what he`d said before the fight. I`ve lost alot of respect for the middleweight champion. Talented...no question...classless...no doubt.

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