mardi 27 avril 2010

Ontario Open results

A huge congrats to my teamates from Sudbury BJJ & Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa/Sudbury. Day two at the Ontario Open BJJ tournement proved even more successful than the first. All in all, the team walked away with 5 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Day 1`s results from the Gi competition

Gold: Lukas DeCastro, Nicole Whissel
Silver: Kevin Kroft
Bronze: Andre Pelletier

Day 2`s results from the NoGi competition

Gold: Jessie Cronier, Kyle Fletcher, Nicole Whissel
Silver: Kevin Kroft, Mike Houle, Lukas DeCastro, Nicole Whissel (absolute)
Bronze: Andre Pelletier

Not bad at all considering there were 80 academies represented at the tournement and over 750 competitors! Team Renzo Gracie finished 6th overall, 9th in Gi and 4th in NoGi. Did I mention there were 80 academies represented here?!

What does that tell you? :)

A big congrats goes to our head instructor (Sudbury BJJ), Steve Joncas who coached the team to success!

Here`s a quick video from the good old days to remind everyone where our sport came from. It`s a beautiful thing!!

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