lundi 5 avril 2010

A couple videos for your viewing pleasure.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. I spent the better part of my morning getting my week ready for work. It seemed as though many of my clients and co-workers had taken the extra day off today, so I took advantage of a light day and went in to train from 11-12 on my "lunch hour". (shh...don't tell my boss)

We were 7 of us including Steve, so it made for plenty of room on the mat. I was the most experienced guy in class today, so we focused on some pretty basic, yet very important details regarding mount escapes. (you can never train this stuff enough by the way)

Here's a quick video of world champion Fernando "Margarida" Pontes explaining how Jiu Jitsu is light a tight pair of jeans. I find the video a bit funny, but the point he's making is a good one. Alot of new guys try to "buck & shrimp" with everything they have only to end up in the same position they started in. This causes them to have to restart the same movement while wasting valuable energy. Without further adieu, I'll leave it to Margarida to make the point...

Beautiful isn't it? Now...go back and find those tight Levis 501's you've kept in your closet for a rainy day. Paint those bad boys on and at the end of the day, wiggle your way out of them. It's always a good time to practice your jiu jitsu!


Saturday night is the night. I can't wait! Here's a new clip of Renzo talking about the family and his fight on Saturday night with Matt Hughes.

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