dimanche 20 juin 2010

Mark Holst UFC debut!

Last night was the finale for the Ultimate Fighter 11 at the Pearl at the Palms in Las Vegas. The night marked the UFC debut for Kru Mark Holst from the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts...a club we`re proudly affiliated with at Sudbury BJJ and Muay Thai Academy.

Mark faught an experienced John Gunderson, a wrestler training under Canadian Shawn Thompkins at the Tapout gym in Vegas. I haven`t had a chance to watch the fight seeing as the prelims were not aired on Spike TV due to time restrictions. I did however read the full play by play at MMAJunkie.com which explains that Mark lost the decision due to Gunderson`s wrestling pedegree which he was able to use to control where the fight took place.

Either way, we`re all very proud of Mark. He represented himself and Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa very well. The next fight will have a different outcome no doubt!

Here are some pictures courtesy of ufc.com.

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