dimanche 13 juin 2010

UFC 115 review

Dear Chuck,

You`ve done everything you need to do. You looked great coming into the fight, but haven`t changed your game in years. You`ve been dropping your hands to throw bombs for too long, the best fighters in the world have learned to counter your strikes. You`re a legend and helped build the UFC and MMA to what it is today. It`s time to hang it up. Here`s a picture of Chuck doing his impression of the Rashad Evans "Stanky Leg".

All in all, I wasn`t super hyped for last night`s card, but as the night wore on, I kept repeating "this has been a great night of fights!" Rory McDonald looked awesome vs Carlos Condit, but round 3 showed us why Condit was the WEC`s last welterweight champion. Everyone talks about how GSP has cleaned out his division. While this is true enough, I`d love to see Carlos get a title shot. That would be a good fight. (GSP still takes it, but would be entertaining)

Another great fight was the co-main event between Mirko CroCop & Pat Barry. Just watch the pre-fight presser which will explain the respect these guys have for one another. (it`ll explain the smiles and hugs during the fight) Mirko looked awesome despite getting rocked twice in the first round. I sure hope Pat Barry rebounds from this loss. He`s a class act and an incredible striker. I`d love to see him fight Gilbert Yvel...both guys coming off losses last night.

Had some friends from the club over to watch the event last night. Noel (my 6 year old) wanted to stay up because Steve was coming over. It was like his BJJ instructor is some type of superhero to him now. haha! (a superhero like Paul Reubens character from Mystery Men) I kid...I kid. :)

Can`t wait to get back on the mat this week. Jiu Jitsu for life!

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