jeudi 10 juin 2010

time for a new look

So I`ve been keeping up with this blog since the winter. I figured it was time to change the look up a bit. Hope you like it!

I just got back from the club. Big Tom Cooney ran a good class where we worked on escaping the backpack. (after giving up your back to your opponent) It`s not the easiest position to get out of, but knowing what you need to do will help and the more we train, the easier it will eventually become. It`s all about muscle memory...drill drill drill!

In other news, as previously reported, Mark "Boots" Holst from our parent club, the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts is fighting John Gunderson at the Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale at the Palms in Las Vegas next weekend. (the 19th) He`ll be making his debut in the big show and we couldn`t be more excited for him. MMAGearPimp.Com, owned by my friend Chris Casola (owner of the Fight Company here in Sudbury) is sponsoring Mark for the fight. Tonight, our very own Jenn Ricker slaved over the sewing machine adding mmagearpimp and Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa patches to the shorts Mark will be wearing in the world famous Octagon. She made up two sets, one white with red trim and the second is burgundy with black trim. They both look good. We`ll see which pair Mark decides to wear on the big night! It`ll be a great night!

This Saturday is UFC 115. The main event match up between Chuck Liddell and Rich Franklin would have been epic had it happened a few years back when both were at the top of the heap in their respective divisions. With that, I still think this has the potential to be a great fight. Chuck looks like he`s in great shape. Has he evolved in training since his last fight at UFC 97? I`m sitting here watching the countdown show on Spike TV. I`m watching clips saying Chuck is looking to make a run at the title with his return, but I can`t help but think father time has caught up with him. The co-main event looks awesome! Pat Barry vs Mirko CroCop has the potential to be a standup war. Pat Barry looked awesome against Antoni Hardonk in his last fight, but Mirko is a big step up in competition. I like both guys...this is the fight to watch!

See you on the mat!

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