samedi 5 juin 2010

saturdays are always the best days

Seeing as I hadn`t had any opportunity to train this week, I was really looking forward to getting on the mat this morning and breaking in my new gi. (I`ll do a review of the different gi`s I own sometime down the line, stay tuned for that.)

I started off the day helping out with the little ninja`s class. Noel and Ben have a blast everytime they go. We worked on breaking grips, mount escapes and passing the guard. It was nice to see a few of the "rookies" from the class start to have more fun. For this age group, we`re looking to introduce them to the sport, but more importantly, we want the kids to have fun while learning some valuable life skills like respect, discipline and the ability to listen and learn.

1230pm rolled around pretty quick and it was time for the big boys to train. I felt like garbage today, but I suppose everyone has an off day. It didn`t help that I`d been off the mat for nearly a week and I was drilling escapes with Kevin Kroft. We`re the same weight, but he`s got very little body fat and is strong like bull. I on the other hand, well...I`ve still got some work to do in that respect. (which is putting it lightly)

This afternoon, Kru Mel Bellissimo from Lanna Muay Thai in Toronto was up for a 3 hour seminar with the Muay Thai students. This was Roxanne`s first seminar since joining the conditioning program earlier this year. I don`t think she`s ever trained for 3 straight hours. I`m sure I`ll hear all about it tonight! haha!

Hopefully someone will take some pictures so I can post them up here for everyone to see. Kru Mel is a good guy, I`ve met him a few times in Ottawa when attending Wreck MMA. You can check out his webpage at

Stay tuned, stay healthy and hope to see you on the mat!

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