lundi 4 octobre 2010

Kyra Gracie is my friend...and not Steve's.

Where did the summer go? We're into the month of October and I just looked at the history of this blog and noticed that I've got nearly 4000 views in 8 months. I guess some people are paying attention. :)

BJJ has really become an addiction for me. It's gotten to the point where I've really neglected a really nice Harley Davidson motorcycle that's sitting in my garage just begging to be taken out for a ride. Up until last August when I joined the club, when I had some free time (after my priorities at home were taken care of and my boys were tucked into bed), I'd jump out on my bike and go for an evening cruise. That's been replaced by grabbing my gear bag and heading to the club to roll around on the mats with some sweaty dudes. Had you told me this would be the case a few years ago, I would have looked at you like you had 8 heads. (ok, I've made a decision that tomorrow night, I will fire up the bike and treat her well)

Tonight was good fun. We worked on some sweeps from open guard then went into randori which is always fun. I've been watching BJJ matches on youtube and getting some ideas on how I might improve my game based on my body type and natural strengths and flexibility. I worked on that tonight and felt the light bulb flickering which is always a good sign that the pieces are starting to fit. It's nothing crazy, just guard retention stuff, all in the effort of improving a small bit one day at a time.

I'd also like to make an announcement as the title of the blog suggests. Kyra Gracie is now my friend of Facebook. I've decided it's time to learn portuguese. haha! I only bring this up because I told this to Steve and he said..."I know Kyra Gracie!" and tried to add her but got a nice rejection message stating that "this member has no room for more friends"...or something to that effect. All that really matters is that Kyra is my friend, we're hanging out online chit chattin' about the world of BJJ and Steve is just going to have to accept that he's sitting on the sidelines. Sorry dude! ;)

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