jeudi 7 octobre 2010

Mike Tyson is a hero of mine. (out take from TUF 12)

If you're watching the newest season of the Ultimate Fighter (Koscheck vs GSP), you'll know that GSP asked Dana to invite Tyson in to talk to his guys and watch a fight. Alot of people think of Mike Tyson as a thug heavyweight boxer who was sent to prison for 3 years and bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear in a fight.

For those who've followed Tyson's career and seen his recent documentary "Tyson", you'll know there is much more to the man than what the mainstream media have flooded to the masses with their headlines. In this following clip, he talks to GSP's team after a win on the show and explains what it means to fight, to be a martial artist and seeking self improvement.

Mike Tyson is the man!

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  1. I watched part of the outtake during the last show. I was astonished at how well spoken and thoughtful Mike Tyson is. Extremely wise. Props to him. Would be interesting to hear his side of the stories about his criminal record....