mardi 26 octobre 2010

Pat Cooligan Seminar this weekend!

It's that time of year again! Pat will be in town with Hammer for a two day seminar being held over at Sudbury MMA. This will be my 4th seminar with the big man from OAMA and I'm really looking forward to it. I've got no idea what we'll be looking at in terms of technique, but whatever it is, it will no doubt be packed with detail and my game will improve from it. If you're new to the club, you really need to make the effort to come out.

In other news, the club continues to grow. Evening classes have been packed with alot of new members signing up after taking advantage of the free trial. Last night during randori, I overheard Steve talking to a prospective member who had gassed out about a minute into his first round of light sparring. He was pointing me out as someone who used to be affected by the same affliction when I first got started in August 2009. (I can now make it past 4 minutes before gassing out...just kidding).

Actually, last night was pretty rough on me cardio wise. Ok, not cardio so much, but from a digestive point of view. I thought eating a "light" dinner of scrambled eggs and ham would do me well, but apparently wasn't the best choice an hour before a good roll. I really stunk up the joint! haha! Sorry fellas!

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