mercredi 10 février 2010

The Little Ninjas!

I'm not going to be a pushy parent. You know the kind...those that were never able to live up to their own expectations so they're going to try to live the dream through their kids.

Tonight, I decided it was time to test the waters and have my boys try the Little Ninjas class at the club. I was invited by Steve and Jenn to suit up myself and help out seeing as my boys don't speak much English. (on parle seulement le francais a la maison!) The idea was to let them decide whether or not this would be something they'd like to jump into. Their answer was an overwhelming yes! Here are a few pictures from the class.

After warmups, we got down to business. (my boys are in the blue and red t-shirts)

We then played a game of North-South-East-West. The idea was to listen to the coaches instructions and run in the direction he called out for. They would also be instructed to stop and drop into "Samurai pose" or "Man Overboard" which teach the kids basic positions and introductory techniques for Jiu Jitsu. (as seen below)

The games were then followed by learning a specific technique. Tonight, we focused on freeing yourself from your opponent's grip. This is also a great self defense technique against a schoolyard bully. The idea being that when someone grips your collar (or jacket etc), you take two hands and grip their sleeve at the wrist. You then plant your feet firmly into the ground and bend your knees creating a solid base. From there, put your opponent's hand down toward his knee while simultaniously pushing yourself back, in turn, breaking free of his grip. In the next picture, Noel grips my collar as I work with him to show him how this is done.

The beauty of the Little Ninja's class is that the instructors don't overload the kids (age 4-6) with too much technique. They're learning the basics in a fun environnement. Each class ends with a game of Murder Ball. (teaching the kids to be quick on their feet...and take a shot to the face! haha...just kidding)

Then it was time for a rest.

Noel and Ben loved their first class. I couldn't be any more proud of how well they listened and participated. They can't wait to go back next week! With that, I welcome them to the awesome world of Jiu Jitsu. The gentle art.

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