mardi 9 février 2010

"Matt Hughes is the Anvil"

I've never been a fan of Matt Hughes. Matt Serra put it best, he's a simpleton from the Mid-West. You can't deny he's done alot in MMA having carried the UFC's welterweight title for a long run until finally meeting his match in GSP.

That brings us to UFC 112 which is set for April 12th in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Hughes is facing the man...Renzo Gracie. For those of you reading this who aren't aware, Sudbury BJJ is an affiliate of the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts (OAMA)which is an official affiliate of Team Renzo Gracie making us a part of Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa.

Be sure to check back and I'll keep you posted on the inside scoop leading up to this fight. A small group of us from the club were able to attend a seminar with Renzo at OAMA back in December(2009). The picture up above was taken at the end of his class. The guy is the real deal.

Back to Matt is a short interview with Steve Cofield from Yahoo Sports/ESPN. Matt calls him a "fag", says he's fighting Renzo because he's old and how his wife is afraid of him going to Abu Dhabi because of the dangers of the Middle East. I've got a cousin living in Abu Dhabi...the country is filled with expats from North America and Europe. The culture is different, but it's safer than Mexico these days. Gotta love those country bumpkins.

Without further delay...check out the video below. More to come as the hype for this fights starts to build. I can't wait to see Renzo back in action.

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