lundi 8 février 2010

on or off the bandwagon?

So yesterday was Superbowl Sunday. I`ve always found it odd that for one day of the year, some of my friends become the biggest fan of a sport they never talk about outside of that one random Sunday in February.

That`s something I love about MMA. You can be a fan of a certain fighter, no secret, I`m a big fan of Georges St-Pierre, but being a fight fan is so much more rewarding. Every few weeks a new matchup is announced that could cause fireworks. I love it...

So tonight was the introduction of the new kettlebell class at Sudbury BJJ. I was drained after Randori so I checked it out after having hit the showers. Sore from just watching, I made my way to the door. I`ll try it out later this week. Until then...time to rest up for the next roll.

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