jeudi 11 février 2010

UFC 110 & BJJ In-House

UFC 110 is a little over a week away. I really haven`t been thinking too much about this one, but the main event is intriguing. Big Nog is fighting Cain Velasquez which will be a big challenge for the latter of the two.

Nogueira looked incredible in his fight vs Randy Couture at UFC 102. After a seamingly bad performance against Frank Mir, he bounced back and looked like he`d regained the form he showed during his time with Pride. For Velasquez, he`s an ultimate prospect. Is he where he needs to be right now? Some think his inability to finish Kongo showed he`s not quite there yet. This should be a good fight!

Stay tuned for my predictions for the televised card.

In club news...

This Saturday, we`re holding an in-house BJJ tournement with our friends from Sudbury MMA. Weigh-ins start at 9am and we`re hoping the action will get underway by 10. I`ve done a ton of randori over the last 6 months, but this will be the first time I`ve competed in a points based match. I`m really not concerned with winning or losing at this point. I see this as a test to see where I`m at 6 months into my training. Hopefully I`m somewhere near where I feel I should be. I`ll keep you posted!

Stay healthy my friends!

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