jeudi 11 février 2010

Writer Steve Cofield apologizes for Hughes-Renzo piece

Steve Cofield posted the following on the Underground.

"Thanks to Damon Martin from MMAWeekly for pointing out that Matt Pena had some complaints about my Serra/Hughes posts.

Good call by Pena. I didn’t read Matt Hughes’ sarcasm very well and then conveyed it poorly to Matt Serra when I asked the question in the follow up video. It put Serra in a bad position. As a result, the Serra post was a stretch and created heat in the Renzo Gracie-Hughes-Serra triangle where there was none.

As far as having an axe to grind with Matt Hughes. It's not the case. I have nothing against Matt. He’s one of the best guys in the business to work with. He’s always allowed me to ask tough questions and in turn stood his ground. I actually wrote after UFC 98, that the guy has been great for the sport and will be missed when he walks away (,165516).

So no harm intended.

Hope you accept the apology. Please relay the message to Matt Hughes.


So there you have it. He got called out and Pena was right. I actually enjoy some of Steve Cofield`s interviews, but it would be good if these guys with press credentials allowed the fighters to create their own drama. There`s enough of it out there. With that said, I give my vote to Ariel Harwani from AOL Fanhouse for being the best MMA interview in the business. He always asks the right questions and is very respectful of the fighters and the sport.


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