jeudi 18 février 2010

Thursday Night at Sudbury BJJ

Woah...I`m burnt.

Had a great evening at home with my boys while Roxanne snuck out to the club to get in a Muay Thai conditioning workout in. She got back at 8 and I made my way out the door for BJJ.

The class started out like normal with warmups and drilling mount and side mount escapes. I`m 6 months into my training and I still struggle with these. I guess that`s why it takes a 2 years to progress beyond white belt. These are the fundamentals which will allow you to survive in a fight. (or do well in competition) It`s all about muscle memory...drill drill drill...burn the movement into your subconscious so that when you find yourself in a bad position, you can react on instinct. I`ll get there...eventually.

We later worked some technique and then moved into randori. (randori is essentially sparring, working with a resisting opponent) We were a big enough group tonight, maybe 30 or so. Rather than just doing 5 minute rounds of rolling, Steve & Big Tom mixed it up by setting up challenges. 6 guys took spots on the mats and the rest lined up along the wall. One by one we`d fill in with the 6 and start from a dominant position. (full mount or side control) The guy on the bottom had 1 minute to escape the bad position and move to either half or full guard or better yet, a sweep to a dominant position. If they weren`t able to escape in that minute, a fresh body would jump in and you`re back to square one. We did a few challenges like this. It was awesome!

In other news, I scored tickets for UFC 113 in Montreal this morning. Looking forward to the fights. There is nothing like a live UFC`s the best.

See ya on the mat!

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