dimanche 14 mars 2010

The Little Ninjas at Sudbury BJJ

I figured it was time to update my boys progress in the Little Ninja`s program at Sudbury BJJ. At their ages (5 & 3), the main focus is to get them intergrated into the club and work on developing their coordination and discipline.

The first drill was setup in 3 stations, the kids would line up and Steve would swing a nerf style swimming noodle. The Ninja`s would jump over, duck or back away from the noodle depending on what "strike" was coming their way.


Once they avoided 3 strikes, they`d run over to the center of the mat where Guy was setup to take 5 punches. (he played it up pretty good by getting knocked over by some of their Chuck Liddell bombs)

The third station had Big Tom holding up pads for some Muay Thai kicks. The kids loved this one...

Finally, the kids were lined up with a partner. They`d lay on the mat with their head and feet at opposite ends. When Steve made the call, they had to get up and roll toward their opponent and try to gain top position.

The next picture shows Ben & Noel squaring off. They did really well for the first 15 or 20 seconds until Ben lost his cool when Noel overpowered and took the top position. (he`s only 3 and a month into BJJ...he`ll get it and when he does, look out!)

Once again, another great Saturday morning at the club. If you`re reading this blog and have kids in the ages of 3-6 or 7-12, it goes without saying that I highly recommend the club for the kids martial arts program. Feel free to email me at yves.charette@gmail.com, send me a message on facebook or simply call Steve or Jenn at the club and let them know you read the blog and want to have your kids try out a class. You`ll be glad you did!

222-ROLL www.sudburybjj.com

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