jeudi 4 mars 2010

Eddie Bravo "The Rubberman"

I like to preface my opinions on jiu jitsu with the acknowledgement that I`m still very new to the sport which is evident by the white belt I wear when training in the Gi. As much as the sport has evolved over the last 20 years, so has the complexity of styles involved.

Internet message boards are often lit with debates on Gi vs Nogi. (training with or without the kimono) There`s nobody more vocal about this than Eddie Bravo. Personally, I`m a fan of the guy. I find him somewhat entertaining, but more importantly, I like what he has popularized as "the rubber guard". I say that because although I believe he has helped in it`s evolution, I find it hard to believe anything in jiu jitsu is completely new. At some point, it was probably done before as has been pointed out to me on occasion.

At any rate, it should be noted that Eddie got his black belt in BJJ under the Machado Brothers who are members of the Gracie family.

Here is a youtube video of Eddie demonstrating the Rubberguard. I think it`s pretty good.

Interesting stuff right?

Another interesting video I came across today is an interview with Draculino. (Vinicius Bittencourt Almeida Magalhaes) Draculino is a black belt under Carlos Gracie Jr, but began his training under JJ Machado until the Machado brothers left Brazil to setup their academy in California. In this clip, he gives his opinion on Bravo. This video is for you Steve!!

In closing, I`m always interested in learning something new...especially when it comes to the sport I`m growing to love more and more as I continue to learn about it. I share Draculino`s view that there`s nothing better to base an opinion on than hard facts. I`ll continue to search out those facts...but I`ll enjoy the debate along the way.

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. It is an interesting debate, and one that will go on forever. Draculino is one of those old school jiu jitsu guys that has been there and done that and has taught countless champions. And he generally competes in nogi events.

    You can check out Draculino's BJJ training site at:

  2. Thanks for the note! I`m checking out the link right now.
    Thanks as well for reading...leave your name next time! :)

  3. Gi vs no-gi = chess vs checkers. (stolen from my friend Ryan Hyde)