samedi 13 mars 2010

Muay Thai Demos next Saturday!!

The week away from the club didn`t do me any good. I over ate and got little sleep while in Banff which resulted in feeling less than energetic on the mat this afternoon. I pushed through it and got some encouragement from Steve who noticed some improvement in my game. I`m not finishing anyone, but I`m making the more experienced guys work hard which is all I can really ask for at this point. Bit by bit...I`ll get there.

My boys also had a blast today in the Little Ninja`s program. We`ve yet to get through a full class without a few tears, but they`re heavily outweighed by the smiles and belly laughs so all is well. During a drill on reflexes, we swung a soft nerf style bat and the kids had to jump or duck out of the way. Ben, (my 3 year old) must have been daydreaming when we explained it because when it came his turn, he stood there and took a light tap to the head when he should have ducked. He wasn`t hurt at all, but he did feel insulted, so he ran over to the next station and took it out on Jessie who was holding up pads for a punching drill. (it was comical, the parents in attendance had a good chuckle)

So far the boys are really enjoying the classes and they look forward to Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. I`m proud of them and hope they decide to stick to it as they continue to grow. It`s still much too early to tell if they`ll have the desire to compete, but if they keep going down the path they`re headed, they`ll be able to walk with the confidence of knowing a bully would never stand a chance if they made the mistake of targeting one of them.

In other news...

Lots going on at the club these days. We`ve got Muay Thai demonstrations next Saturday night. Feel free to email or call me for tickets. ($10) The fee goes to support our competition team as we travel to events for both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The last one was a huge success and we`re expecting another packed house. It`ll be a great night!

Also, Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa/Sudbury will be headed to Whitby the weekend of April 24th for the 2nd annual Ontario Open BJJ tournament. If I can get my act together, I think I`ll be ready to compete for the first time in a sanctioned BJJ event. I think I`m ready...we`ll see how it goes.

Stay healthy my friends!

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