samedi 20 mars 2010

Muay Thai Demos tonight!!

Jessie Cronier wants YOU to come out to the Muay Thai demos tonight at Sudbury BJJ & Muay Thai Academy. (Tickets are $10 at the door)

Jessie was also featured on the front page of the Sudbury Star`s sports section. You can read the article by clicking on the following link. (you`ll have to copy and paste into your browser as the link tool isn`t working for some reason).

We had a chuckle at the club about how the author made Jessie look like he came from the badass streets of Timmins, but I can vouch for the fact that Jessie has the potential to be a great fighter if he keeps it up. We just need to get him on the mat a little more to work on his jiu jitsu. (that`s right Jessie...I said it).

This afternoon, I walked into the tail end of Jenn`s Kettlebell class. As mentionned yesterday, we`ve got a full night of demos tonight, so most of the guys who usually participate in these classes were resting up for the big night. With that said, I`m guessing this class smelled better than it usually does. (except for don`t want to be near him when he`s doing ab crunches)

Ok, so these pictures don`t actually have Kettlebell technique in them, but as mentionned, I walked in at the end of class, so I took pictures of the cooldown period. In the next picture...Steve chimes in with some verbal motivation.

Once they wrapped things up, it was time for Saturday afternoon`s BJJ class. In the next picture, Steve is demonstrating a technique with Andre. Steve`s a great teacher and takes the time to explain the technique in detail while always providing the benefits in terms of sport jiu jitsu and how the same technique can apply in a self defense scenario in the street. (The Gracie Way!)

Check out the new Team Renzo Gracie logo that was made by my buddy Steve Leclair. (Nice job Steve!!)

I`ll have to remember to bring my camera in during an evening class to show everyone how big the classes are getting. The membership at the club has enjoyed a growth spurt since moving into the new facility nearly 3 months ago. Life is good at Sudbury BJJ!

Lastly, a quick reminder to come out to the club tonight to check out some Muay Thai! Feel free to give me a call, email or msg on facebook. $10 donation at the door(which supports our competition team), it`ll be a great night!!

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