lundi 1 mars 2010

The Arnolds ~ 2010

So tonight, Jake from the bachelor chose horse face instead of Tenley...the hot, smart and nice one. But frankly, this information falls into the who gives a damn category, so I'll move right along to news from Sudbury BJJ.

The competition team is working hard and cutting weight and gearing up for the Arnold Sports Festival later this week in Columbus, Ohio.

I really wish I could have attended the event this year, but I've got to be in Banff for a work conference. Great timing boss! What kills me is that my secret girlfriend Arianny Celeste is scheduled to be there as well. As some of my friends know, I ran into Arianny in the casino at the Mandalay Bay during the weekend of UFC 100 in Vegas last summer. Naturally, I was with my wife Roxanne so I tried to keep those worlds from colliding. Dodged a bullet with that one!

So yeah...if anyone from Sudbury BJJ can get a picture of Arianny holding a piece of paper that says hello to me, there will be a prize for you when you return.

Ok...this blog has gotten way off topic. What I really want to do is wish my teammates the best of luck with cutting weight and in competition. I've got no doubt you'll come back with a pile of medals and a few good stories. I'll be posting pictures and results as soon as they come back. GOOD LUCK!!!

For the record...this is my secret girlfriend. Don't tell Roxanne...(she already knows)

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