dimanche 28 mars 2010

Saturday at the club & UFC 111

Yesterday started as Saturdays have over the last few months. We headed down to the club for the Little Ninja`s class with the boys. Ben started the class with an accidental collision with another boy and busted his lip. Noel had a blast and eventually Ben came around as well.

BJJ classes have been beating me up over the last week. We finished the class with one solid hour of randori. (randori is sparring in bjj) The ground rules were simple. Pick a partner and start working. 6 ten minute rounds with no breaks unless you were sick or injured.

This might sound a bit crazy, but there was a method to the madness. Steve has been stressing lately that many of us (myself included) tend to train too hard and we`re not thinking about conservation of energy. Jiu Jitsu is the ultimate chess match which requires strategy, strength and cardio. Putting them all together is the key to winning a match in sport bjj or even mma.

I`m pleased to say my cardio has improved incredibly since I started training in mid August. My first ten minute round was with Darren "Crazyhorse" Pozzo. For those of you who know him...you know this guy doesn`t have any quit in him. 200lbs of energy going full speed from bell to bell.

I had gotten a few invites from friends to watch UFC 111 last night. The club was heading over to Shaughnessy`s, but my plan was to head over to big Kevin`s place as he wasn`t able to head out seeing as his wife was out of town. After having dinner wtih some of Roxanne`s friends from work, I decided to pull the pin on that idea and stay in to watch the event quietly with Roxanne. Well...easier said that done. My lovely digital cable provider, Eastlink couldn`t provide the feed after I`d ordered it. $55 for a black screen. Nice! After spending 20+ minutes on hold with customer service, Roxanne suggested I just head over to Shaughnessy`s and catch the fights there with our friends from the club. So that`s what I ended up doing and only seemed to miss the Mark Bocek vs Jim Miller fight.

What can be said about the main and co-main event? I had a bit of doubt on Shane Carwin seeing as the only real name he`d fought was Grabriel Gonzaga and until he landed the big punch, Gonzaga was in control. (not that he was in control for long, but he did have him hurt). Frank Mir once again got his bacon handed to him in a style reminicent of his UFC 100 bout with Brock Lesnar. I was impressed with the speed of Carwin`s hands (which are probably bigger than the avergage person`s head).
I can`t wait to see the clash of the titans between Carwin and Lesnar in July...that`ll be epic.

If you`re reading this, then you probably also watched the fights last night. GSP put on yet another dominating performance and showed why he`s considered the best of the best. What I found impressive was that he wasn`t content with the lopsided decision. Immediately after the fight, Georges went into his locker room and went over his attempted submissions with John Danaher (Renzo Gracie black belt) and Greg Jackson for answers on why he wasn`t able to submit Hardy. Jackson told GSP that he did everything right, but Dan Hardy would have broken his arm before tapping out. Danaher was able to show Georges a few minor adjustments which I`m sure he`ll use to build on the next performance. The guy is a perfectionist and that`s why I can`t see anyone taking his title anytime soon.

Another great weekend with family, friends, jiu jitsu and the UFC. How can one go wrong?

See you on the mat!

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