vendredi 26 mars 2010

Serra - Hardy - GSP - Renzo Gracie

The UFC Primetime series leading up to UFC 111 has focused on hyping the main event between GSP & Dan Hardy. A footnote to the story is that Hardy went to train with Matt Serra, the last man to defeat GSP.

What alot of people don`t know is that Matt Serra is a student of Renzo Gracie. He was the first American to be awarded a black belt from the legendary fighter. If you watched the series, or follow GSP`s career at all, you`ll also know that he has trained with Renzo and has had John Danaher in his corner in recent fights. So many of us wondered if Matt Serra had broken the code when it came to training a fighter to defeat a fighter who`s training with an extention of his team. (that was a mouthful wasn`t it?)

GSP was asked about this at the pre fight presser at Radio City Music Hall earlier this week. His answer was that it didn`t matter to him at all and he was ok with it. Today, it`s been reported on that Serra consulted Renzo before accepting to train Hardy. So for anyone who may be interested, you can read the story here.

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